The Mullet Marketplace at Indiana Dunes

1 E. Dunes Highway, Beverly Shores, Indiana 46301

The Marketplace at 1 E Dunes Highway in Beverly Shores, Indiana offer’s newly rehabbed flexible and divisible commercial tenant spaces – Initial tenants took occupancy in the Spring 2022.

Strategically located on Route 12, in the heart of the Indiana Dunes National Park, this project will quickly become the iconic must stop destination for the growing throngs flocking to our nation’s newest National Park.

When the Indiana Dunes National Seashore became our Nations 61st National Park in February of 2019, NWI made the decision to introduce a mixed use development to the area that would cater to the national and international attention that a National Park designation attracts. The property was the perfect choice, containing 1.5 acres of land, with 300′ of frontage on Route 12 and a very cool 1970’s era 8,300 sq. ft. commercial building long neglected and overdue for re-development.

The neighborhood has already seen the initial signs of its emerging future, with the 2019 opening of the Goblin and Grocer and the recent acquisition of the former Bartletts restaurant by Three Oaks Michigan distillery Journeyman

The marketplace can be divided into between 2 and 4 individual retail tenants, including those appealing to businesses such as outfitters, artists, local retailers, food and beverage providers and local small businesses looking for a neighborhood presence.

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